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Monday, June 20, 2005

Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad;
A Battle between Middle Class and Poor Class

Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad the Tehran Mayor came to the second round for the election. A public fear is creating and inspiring in the society. Middle class, intellectuals and many reformists and even many of mild clerics have joined a movement to persuade people to vote Rafsanjani. The voice of hardliner is heard. The mayor who thinks about the Islamic of Iran instead of Islamic Republic has made a big concern about the future. But many people fear that the populist campaigns of the Mayor attract the attention of poor people which their number has increased a lot during the last years fast.
Beside, Eghbal reformist newspaper banned. A day before that, a fundamental newspaper opened that can be a message for the society.

Many people here are socked. But I think this is a battle between the poor people and middle class. Between the people are thinking not to be hungry more and have a better life and people who thinks the ways that is advertised by the mayor is show off and doesn’t work and also as he has no commitment to democracy and the democratic institution, civil society, press, it will destroy the outcomes of the past.

Ahmadinejad mention that he is going to get the money of rich people and give to poor people but no one knows that what are the policies to perform this motto?

He has also mentioned that he will finish the control of some powerful families on the oil incomes. Some of these mottoes are attractive for the poor and marginalized people. They wait for rapid changes in their life. Hashemi last day was leaving the playground but it could make many problems and so he has decided to be present.

Very very moving and thrilling situation.


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