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Monday, June 13, 2005

Two days before election; Waiting for an Iranian Miracle

The formal surveys show that Hashemi Rafsanjani is the first chance for the Friday presidency race with 28%. The second is Ghalibaf with 18% and the third is Dr.Moin with 14%. However, most of the time, because of many factors these kind of surveys don’t work. I think in big cities the chance of Hashemi is not too much. However in provinces many people don’t know Dr.Moin and Ghalibaf. At this time, a miracle can change the numbers and percentages and honestly, I don’t fell about appearing any miracle.
For the reformists, the gap between Hashemi and Dr. Moin is smaller that the gap between these two candidates with Ghalibaf of the other conservative candidates. Many of journalists and intellectuals tried to mention the danger of one handed government by conservatives. They mentioned that as Dr.Moin can not win the election, it is better not to look at the political play black and white. “Hashemi is more tolerated than all the other conservatives and so we have more sphere for breathing during his period.” They believe.
Two days before election, nobody can anticipate how many people vote and to whom. Because sometimes in Iran, at the 90 minute some astonish able events happen.

Sean Penn warms to journalist role in Iran
"If the number of candidates is a proof of democracy, we are ... better than the Americans in this regard," newspapers quoted Rafsanjani as telling Penn.

US swings behind UN's ElBaradei, takes aim at Iran Reuters


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