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Sunday, June 12, 2005

The legacy of Khatami

“What is the legacy of President Khatami during the last two periods of presidency?” a foreign journalist asked me today. Normally it is not easy to answer this question. Perhaps it’s better to stay far from this period and then talk about the political and social outcomes. But summing up the result I can mention some points. The most important thing is to change the sacred face of the political system to an ordinary situation. Now, the high ranks officials and clerics are much more touchable than they were before.
Khatami never complained against people who criticized him. He knew that he was starting a new way in the relation between people and the officials. You can not imagine how the thought of normal people about the political system was.
And the 2nd is the self confidence that inspired between youth and women at this period. Nearly 60% of the Iranian populations are under the 29. And women are approximately half of the Iran. Before the period of president Khatami, they were hopeless to play a major role in the society. Now we have at least 400 women NGOs and also nearly 2500 youth NGOs or social groups. There are many things in this field about empowering the civil society and specially youth and women.
The national pride has increased during the two period of presidency too. Khatami tried to draw a positive picture if the Iranians which was extremely blurred. In this period the meaning of power became touchable and many realities appeared about the identity of people who are governing. Many things are clear now about the quality of covering here.
The legacy of Khatami is to uncover the face of political power and so it can not go back. It’s a irreversible process. But what we have done to stabilize these achievements? What is our role? To support the democratic process of to leave it alone whenever these is an obstacle
Do you like to continue? So perhaps talk about it more soon. Ok?


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