Omid Memarian

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Genetically Changes of the Candidates

“How can we achieve more votes?” that’s the question of the Iranian candidates for the upcoming presidency election. “Which ways are the golden ones?” I think this is what some of the candidates consider it. We can look at the streets and on the walls of our city especially by conservative’s candidates. People shock by some of the methods they use for their propaganda. These methods have many controversial meaning at the Iranian context. The conservatives have turned their ideas in some issues like life style. During the last years they have been so radical about the people’s privacy. They didn’t respect the people’s choice for their living.
These radical changes in the conservative’s mind, only a few days before the election, is really ridiculous. For example, some of the conservative’s candidates such as Ghalibaf, the former commander of police in the country, use colored the teenager faces photos on their billboards. At the same time police arrest the young people who have the mentioned style. He also uses the title of “Reformist Fundamentalist”. Does it make sense? In guess the coming days we hear more strange things by the candidates. However it’s not genetically but shows how the artificial and unreal values are useless in world today.


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