Omid Memarian

Friday, May 27, 2005

Akabr Ganji is so sick

Today I went to Akbar Ganji’s Home. Some of the journalists were there too. Abdullah Noori the former MP and Minister of Interior came to meet the Ganji’s Wife and his family too. He is one of the inflectional reformists who spent about two years after the conservatives interpolated him in the parliament. “I don’t know why they send people to the jail because of their opinions and ideas.” He said. “We can not do anything for him. He insists on his ideas and they are angry of him.” He added. Akbar Ganji has been more than 1800 days in the jail until now. Last week, He started hunger strike. His wife was so disturbed about his situation. “I will join him with hunger strike at the front of UN office in Tehran if he advises me.” Ganji is so sick in the jail now. “He has lost 9 Kg in the last two months.” She added. My whole report will publish in shargh newspaper. However I know most of it is not printable. Mr. Noori said he is going to vote for the upcoming president election. “There is no reason to vote. Because, nothing will change by election.” He says.

I am so sad for Ganji. I hope he release as soon az possible.


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