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Thursday, May 26, 2005

How to say a “Big No”?

Dr. Moeen and some reformist journalists are going to hold a meeting about the upcoming election and the situation they have faced. Many of Iranian political activists believe that the reformist have been deceived by the decision of the guardian council to disqualify the reformists candidates. The guardian council which is responsible for the qualification announced that they have disqualified Dr.Moeen and another reformist candidate by governmental TV instead of MOI. A day after that supreme leader issued a letter to the guardian council and asked them to revise their decision. They approved Dr. Moeen because of the leader order. And so, Dr. Moeen who talked he is not going to perform the leader others has to obey. The conservatives insist that is was really the leader order but the reformist say because of the relation between guardian council and the leaded, the leader’s letter is an internal letter between two part of the a conservative institute.
But I think the important point is following the reform process. Moeen is a single chance to continue the reformist way that has started a few years ago. To stay at home and criticize the authoritarian government has no effect of the society. The only way to weakening the fundamentalism is to expand the gaps and create new area and sphere for breathing the freedom. To have any effect on the social changes there is no way unless attaching to the exist chances to change. How ever it’s not too much. The reform is young enough to leave it alone. It need a continually support. We have to persuade people to say their big “no” with giving their votes to the reformist candidate who believe in the power of people and civil society. There are many ups and downs of reform and changing the society. However, sometimes to leave the social sphere is the best way to say “NO”. Perhaps in the future we think about this option. But now, I am doubtful to say boycott the election as the last way. What do you think about it?


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