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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Final round; Four Journalist at the court

6 months ago after spending 2 months in the solitary confinement with about 20 technical web assistants, journalists and also women activists, the Investigation committee of judiciary which was established after our confession about torturing and molestation during the detention period, announced that the prosecution of 17 persons at our file will stop. Mr. Karimi Rad the spokesman of judiciary said to the press last week. But the remained accusers must go to the court. I am one of the four journalists. The judiciary officials told me in an informal meeting that they are going to finish our case as soon as possible but they are under a strong pressure. Because informing that all the 21 arrested people are innocent is like drinking a cup of poison for them. I have been so optimist to follow the judiciary efforts against all that happen by police and prosecutor. But I think they can not leave us with any support. After our meeting with Ayatollah Shahroodi the head of judiciary, he asked us not to interview with press about details of our case because it would draw a black picture of Islamic regime. We accepted. But now, we feel they are not capable enough to finish the game that they have started. What will happen next? We don’t know. We are watching the next step. Then decide about the possibilities that we can do.
However, I my self have lost my confidence to them. They are really powerless to follow the justice.

Last week I went to Hamedan for the First Student Weblog Festival as one of the jury. It was very interesting for me to talk with bloggers and also old friends. Six months ago I arrested exactly when I came back from Hamedan. I attended in a NGO conference there.
So this city means lots of things for me.

I tried to write again in English a few months ago it didn’t happen until now….


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