Omid Memarian

Monday, March 21, 2005

Regretting for my blessed land Iran!

Today is the first day of the Iranian New Year holidays. I had enough time for spending time with my family. I had enough time to look at the blue sky when the New Year started. A few months ago I wished to have a chance looking freely to the sky 1o minutes a day. I had 5 minutes for walking in a day. Sometimes even I had not this chance and I had to look at the roof all 24 hours for days. Now, whenever I look at the blue sky, I remember people who are withheld for looking freely. Sometimes we can not understand the taste of things that we are benefiting. But the meaning of life is a collection of all these tastes. The people whom we meet, the sky that we look, the papers that we read, the things that even sometimes bother us and we try to get ride of them, the things that arouse us for any change in our life and many other things. Sometimes we think that these are some ordinary themes that all our life has been involved with it. But when you are separated and /or cut from all of these small things, you will understand the weight of things that have covered your daily atmosphere. We need all of these signs and requirements for or normal life and when some people don’t let us having a share; we are in a deprived situation which hurt us. Hurt, sometimes is so powerful and destroy the personality and sometimes it takes too long for coming back to the normal life.

I remember times that I was thinking about the meaning of the life and my role in the real life and my destiny. I tried not to be optimist. Look at the real elements! What I have done after coming out of that mad house is outcome of all my thoughts. I have been never radical in my way to express my ideas, because I extremely believe that the rapid changes most of the time are not stable and beside, the expenses of the rapid changes mostly is expensive and it doesn’t worth. So I have never written any radical comment or articles against any individuals or institutions, however I have criticized many of them in a civil approach. But they told me that all I have done have been an attempt to create a black face of the system. But everybody who knows me can easily recognize the truth. So confessions never help anybody. Because when the mild children of the revolution who are optimists about their society and also are positive forces for constructing their society, are sent to prison with some unfounded charges, it become some thing like spittle at the air. It probably goes back to their faces. I wrote it to show them tasting the real face of their crude behaviors. However I am so sorry for the blessed land of Iran….where are we going?


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