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Monday, January 24, 2005

Supporting our Colleagues (Journalists in jail)

There are ways to continue to support those who have come face to face with difficulties. In the field of journalism, which has faced, for many years, strange and peculiar problems, the strategy for dealing with these problems has become clear. Usually journalists utilize all those tools available to them in providing support to their colleagues, including the print media, the internet, web sites, and weblogs, etc. These are supports that have their root in our common humanity. This is a good development within the journalistic field and within Iranian society as a whole and demonstrates a multidimensional understanding of the current situation of this dangerous career in Iran today. Different bodies and organizations within Iranian society should formally recognize such legal and humanitarian support systems and be accountable to questions that come up as a result.

During the period when I was faced with such difficulties, which I will not explain nor expand upon, I came to understand and appreciate the importance of such professional and humanitarian support and realized its effectiveness and its ability in reducing misunderstandings. I, myself, was always ready to help when friends were faced with similar problems. I believed that the dangers of this profession, its undefined boundaries, the paranoia surrounding the sector, along with many other issues, create a number of problems for professionals engaged in this field. And I believed that we need to support and assist our friends and colleagues. In reality these efforts don’t pose a threat to us, if we choose a strategy that is both smart and constructive.

The support we provide our colleagues in times of trouble is incredibly effective and helpful. Along these lines, I would like to add that I am grateful to all of you. Grateful to all those who wrote even one line expressing concern about our situation. These supports must continue. For all those who end up facing these sorts of problems, the support must continue. Fortunately those engaged in the field of journalism as opposed to politics, demonstrate greater sympathy for their colleagues who face problems. So, do remember, that even one link on a web site, can be effective in supporting your colleagues. Let’s not deny each other these links. Let’s not allow lack of information to limit our desire to help our friends. Time will pass, and the ambiguities will be clarified, but what will remain is our collective ability to constructively connect to a process that seeks to clarify and provide support. The one who moves too slowly will lose his share—a share for all the seasons of life and humanity.


At 8:49 AM , Blogger Marc said...

Welcome back! We hope all Iranian journalists and bloggers will soon be free.

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