Omid Memarian

Monday, December 20, 2004

Two months away

Two months ago I wrote an article about the hopes and the fears in Iranian civil Society. In this article I have mentioned several options for the future. I could never read it for the people myself. But a few days after writing this article one of the options accrued for myself and I was sent to the jail by conservatives because "the threats of civil society". I never understood what my charges were. All my activities in civil society help the country in its way to development. But they have another pessimistic approach. They think the strengthening the civil society is an instrument for the enemies of the regime to influence in the system. This pessimistic dream really wastes the recourses. It put the activists in the trouble. I was the expense of this approach. However I am not the last. I think it will continue in the coming future. But about myself; A mild writer and journalist and civil society activist I have never been a radical activist. I have never written something over the red lines of the regime, but they sent me to the jail to say:"All I have done have been mistakes". What do they achieve? Does anybody believe it? All my activities in the past years show my mentality and perspective about the way that I have chosen in my life. So no confession letter can say even a piece of reality. It has some other messages. You probably have understood the message. Haven't you?


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