Omid Memarian

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Execution, Everyone believe it!

The execution of a 16 years old girl in Neka, has made a strong controversy between the Iranian activists and the conservative state. A few days ago Iran daily published a report and informed that the real age of her was 22. When I read the report it made me sick. Because I felt that they are trying to put on a legitimate cover for this action. The Report mentioned that the girl was prostitute and for many times her grandfather claimed against her to the police because of her behaviors. “He was ashamed of her behaviors. She had relations with bad guys in the town.” The reporter said. The report continues with the reaction of people in her neighborhood. “A few days before arresting the girl, people were trying to set her house on fire. Because they thought she is an immoral woman and really is a danger for their children.” The reporter added. The entire message of this report-in my view- is to show the legitimacy for killing the girl. In Iran some of the conservatives believe that for eradicating the prostitution issue as a social crisis they have to show and act forcefully. The state’s strong response will serve as a lesson to others, many believe. Two years ago a man in Mashhad, which is a religious city killed more than 15 women and said that it was because his religious zeal. Some of the Islamic hardliner in a protest supported him and said that. However the civil society activists published many articles in the papers and mentioned that killing the prostitutes never solve any problem. “They are the product of society. They are human and have their rights to live and the laws and social security must support them.” They said. And the discussion is being continued.
Some reports notice that there more than 40000 prostitute in Tehran and the countryside. It is not legal. That’s a hidden phenomenon. The Islamic has tried to separate girls and boys when they are child from kindergarten to university. The separation is also in Bus system and so on. Women have to cover themselves with black veil and not to show any part of their body. They passed many rules for people who didn’t observe them. But it was not the answer. The Islamic regime has been confused to confront with the social crisis. By killing the 22 years old people are paying attention to the weakness of the state to deal with peoples problems. It makes no difference that is the nuclear weapon crisis, Iraq crisis, unemployment crisis or even social crisis such as prostitution. As the informing the news of the mentioned killing has been ambiguous, no one knows the real story. But every one believes the story. People even believe the other strange stories and events.


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