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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Attack to the "Shell" social activities

The attack is beginning. During the last two weeks ago the conservative’s media are focused on the international organizations which are working in the Iranian society on the development fields or the other related issued. They have started with Shell Company in the parliaments 3 days ago. A MP attacked to the shell company social activities and pointed that they are criminal and their activities is a cover for make use of oil industry in Iran. They mentioned the past record of Shell in Nigeria. But everyone knows the story. It is the beginning. After capturing the parliament as the second trench by the conservatives in last February, the fundamentalist are going to restrict the social sphere. They have restricted the political sphere by many actions such as deleting all the candidates of reformists in the last elections, sending the journalists and writers to the jail and so on. But they fear of civil society. The analysts of the conservatives believe that the same project that did in the Soviet Union is going to be repeat in Iran. Overthrowing the Soviet Union as a lesson for them warns them to control or even to suppress this era. The new story began when a 10 member team of women went to Bangkok for a preparatory seminar on Beijing +10. It was 3 weeks ago. A combination of women who were there by government, women with the support of a European country and the third was women who were there with their personal expenditure. Many things happened but after they came back the Islamic regime agents requested them to go to security ministry and answer some question. After that a high rank Islamic officials in the supreme council of national security hardly talked about the activity of NGOs. He had mentioned that the Islamic regime has to monitor all the activities. Now they have listed all the civil society organizations which are active in this field and are going to establish new regulation for them about all of their relations.
I have written a comment on it for shragh newspaper. But I am not sure that they publish it. No the numbers of articles and comments that is written by me and also are not used by paper because of their consideration is going to increase. Perhaps I start to translate it to English…


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