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Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Iranians votes in the US presidency election
The elction of presidency in US is getting closer to the hot days. in iran the papers  wrote about the Bush programs for Irantoday. they mentioned that president Bush will countinue the pressures against Iran if he can start the second period of presidency. But what is the Iranians veiw about this event? I  was chatting with an Iranian man in the US who was interested  in politic I in Iran however he is the US citizen at the present time about the Iranian votes in the next presidency. He told me that the Iranians will follow and support President Bush by their votes. Because he looks at the Iran changes seriously. Consider that there are more than 3 milion individuals of Iranians in US. But In Iran a similiar atmosphre is creating. Perhaps, two or three years ago it was unblieveable for everyone that a tndency to President Bush apear in some part of iranaian society. But despite all bad news and all that happened in Iraq and Afghanistan and also other negative facts, Some of Iranians believe that  bush administration will push all the force on iran to change its behavior in the political atmoshpher. how ever a big contraversy exist in this situation...
Bill Smith a congressman in US  in his speech that is available in the website of congress has critisized the American strategic policies against Iran and has called iran as a dangerous country. "They are not only trying to  destroy the exixstence democracy in iraq, but also they are in the way that will will support the Islamic Radicalism." said Bill Smith. (Shargh newspaer,today tehran).
So the play will start. Conservatives who had tried to establsi h a normal relation with the US officials during the last months, will try to rearrengment their policies again. Or perhaps this is a cat and mouse play and these kind of talking is only for the public....However I dont think so......


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