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Friday, July 16, 2004

 The style of High ranks Amusements and the story of women’s dress in Iran: 
 Falling Short on Vision!  

Three years ago when all the attentions of the world was focused on Afghanistan and the war between US and Taliban and Bin Laden, the neighbor  was dealing with the uprising of youth after matches of national football team. At that time I wrote a comment in a paper and talked about the amusements of the Iranian administrators in the world today. When all the players in the region were trying to bargain and to achieve more precious result for their people in these kind of events, the most important discussion in the supreme council of security in Iran was talking to find out a solution for the usage of alcohol by the youth and the other citizen. At that time, the society was wounded by scourges of the Islamic agents in the public on the body of people who didn’t observe the Islamic rule (and it is better to say the rules of people who are representative of less that 15 percent of the whole).  Iraq was going to inter to a big crisis, the Kurdish region were blazing by ethnical passions, and the Arab neighbors was defendant the Aboomosa island and the Azerbaijan brought up some issue about their right in Caspian sea(Khazar lake)more than the approved agreements ….. Dangers were all around the country.
At this time the Islamic regime was thinking about the reaction of youth to the result of football matches! At the same time the authorities were avoiding girls not to use non Islamic dresses. They attacked to the shops and arrested many girls that their sin was only showing a piece of their hair. They send them to the police stations and clashed with them as prostitute. How ever, even they mustn’t do it even with the prostitutes…. At the same time the thought of the …. who had all the power in their hand could not fly over their noses. As they have done during the two decade. So many opportunities for the nation burned. The rights in Caspian see, Afghanistan, Iraq and even in international level.

 Now, only two or three years after that, the main anxiety of the conservatives is how to come up with women who don’t observe Islamic dress and use the dresses who like it and don’t wear the ordered dresses. During the last weeks the conservatives women MPs who have interred to the parliament about six month ago, talked about establishing the new regulations for women. This regulation will show the women how to wear dress in public. Some conservative’s magazines like Yalesarat that belongs to fundamentalists strongly blamed the reformist who made weak the beliefs of Islamic regulations about covering. They mentioned that during the last years reformist had released people in this field and requested from the police and the court to confront with this broad violation of Islamic law. At the same time the best interests of the country was being threatened by the nuclear programs and the reaction on international forces. And again the cooperation council of Arabic countries approves a statement against the Aboomoosa Island. They said this island is belonged to Emirates. But the authorities we were engaging with the crisis of Hejab (Islamic was for wearing) and the ways people wear dress. The authorities had to deal with nuclear programs, human rights cases, economical crisis and so on. But the main focus was on the Hejab.
So don’t you want to ask me why? That’s a very complicated question. In my context I can feel it inside completely. But it is a little to describe for the others who have the common background with me or with the Iranian society. But to make a long story short, let me tell you  what happened for the functions of the Islamic system that after more than two decade dwindle only to avoid women not to show a piece of their body or their hair? The symbols of the idealogic political system during the last years has changed or destroyed. Let’s continue it more, later. In my position now, I prefer not to talk about it. But please think about it and remember the similar historical periods with the same qualifications. But be sure that something has changes that can not go back to the past. In Persian we use a proverb in this situation that say you can not gather the poured oil. And when you try to gather it, it will be impossible and every one laughs you and the judge of history too…..   


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