Omid Memarian

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The relation between Political society and civil society

Here is my interview with Farah karimi, An Iranian Mp in the Netherlands in Iran-emrooz popular website. My interview was published in Shargh Newspaper last Wednesday but not completely. Here is the completely interview which points to some issues in democracy and civil society both.

Ms. Karimi in interview talks about the relation between political society and civil society. She believes: “there is a close relation between politician’s and NGOs. Because they have to achieve the request of people and so they have to be connected closely. We can not say they are separate from each other. But it depends on the political system. If we live in a democratic country, normally politicians try to know about the views and opinions of people about their life, problems and requests. This would be a mutual relation. But when you live in a country with nondemocratic political system, then people will be pessimist about any relation with government. In the democratic one everything is democratic and transparent and in the second one you can look at an instrumental relation and of course corruption….”
Farah also tells us about the Iranian civil society and the things that happened during the last years in the society. “I left Iran 23 years ago and when I came back last years, I wondered. I saw a high intellectual capacity in the society. I saw how youth and women try to play a effective role in the society and solve their problems.” She said.


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