Omid Memarian

Sunday, June 20, 2004

During the last days it was hard for me to write. Sometimes I feel like this. I have some programs for my life and I have to manage them but most of the time environment act against these ideas. We are here to confront with all of these noises.
Now i am in my office and working on a report about a Paltak chat between Iranian about "Love and sexual relation". You know that’s a taboo in Iran. But the Editor of social desk in Shargh told me to prepare a report of this dialogue. I had to consider many limitation....there are many things in this field that we are not allowed to talk about.

I am going to Hormozgan next week for a workshop. It is about team working skills. Two weeks ago two NGO member form Bandar Abbas city were attended in my workshop. They were interested to join us in all of our workshop. But they couldn’t live in Tehran during the workshops. And also it was hard for them to pay fot the tickets for every workshop. We suggested holding a workshop for about 30 individuals with no cost in Bandarabbas. They were really surprised. I am happy to go there. Bandar Abbas is in the south of the country....


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