Omid Memarian

Thursday, June 10, 2004

A week without any writing
During the last week I could not write a work in my blog. I started to open the blogger page but every time I could not write. Some times I feel my fingers have been frozen to write. But another time I feel free to write man and many words. The institute that I the editor of their monthly (Volunteer) will hold a workshop on “Communication Skills for NGOs”. I am the trainer. This workshop will be the first practical activity that follows my book. My book also will publish next month. During the last week however I could not even a word in my weblog, but I finished an analytic article about National Youth Organization. In this article I have discussed about the activities of this organization. Beside, I finalized my interview with Ms. Farah Karimi the Iranian MP in the Netherlands parliament. The shargh newspaper will publish these two pieces next week. Now Is Thursday night. I spent afternoon and night with my family. I read newspapers and websites for about two hours and now am 2a.m.
I have decided to improve my ability in English writing. One of my friends kindly has prepared some books about influential writing and will give me when she is coming Tehran


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