Omid Memarian

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Social limitations begin…?

Iranian society is in ambiguity after coming conservatives to the parliament a few month ago. People have contradictory feeling about their behavior in the society. They remember them that how they established Hejab as Islamic cover for women. And also they remember the years of severity in 1980-1990. Some of analysts believe if the conservatives won’t limit the society because they are trying to show a democrat face of themselves. But some other believes if they act in this manner, they will loose their authority in the society. Because, conservatives are representatives of people who strongly believe in Islamic regime beliefs at the present time.
Last day Judge Mortazavi who is fundamentalist conservatives and involve in the death Zahra Kazemi Iranian-Canadian Journalist last year, announced that they are going to strict about the style of women dress (Hejab). Summer is coming and the tendency of young girl to use fewer cloths in their way to ignore and pale the Hejab is increasing. Last year they tried to close shops and arrest girls who dress in different ways but the question is about this year, a year before presidency


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