Omid Memarian

Friday, May 28, 2004

Chalabi and rage of US officials

Ahmad Chalabi charged by US administration with exchanging the confidential military information to Iran.

Americans said that Chalabi have a close relationship with Iranian intelligence service. I wondered when I heard this news. I remembered only a month before US attack to Iraq. Ahmad Chalabi and his friends in National Iraq congress visited Iran. Iran accepted them as a diplomatic group. I and Amir Hossein my friend went there to have an interview with them. The eyes of Chalbi were shining when he was speaking. After his press conference and after all the journalists and reporter left the meeting I had an interview with Kanan Makieh his consultant and the writer of “republic of fear” (or something like this). He was very close to Ahmad Chlabi. He had a meeting with Mr. Powel and Ms. Condoleezza Rice ten days before that. I felt there is a close relation between these Iraqi men and US. At that time some people believed that if they come to the power will play a role of mediator between Iran and US. But now, only a few months after establishing the leadership council in Iraq Americans charge him. Perhaps they have change their program and so their confederates.


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