Omid Memarian

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Last day of reformist Parliament

Today was the last day of reformist MPs in the parliament. Unbelievably it passed very quickly. With many modern and liberal laws that passed in the parliament but rejected by guardian council. What will happen for the reformist then? This is a question that many people ask these days.
Some of the reformists have said that they are going to join civil society organizations. Some of them will join to the government in the rest period of its life. Some will leave country and some leave politic and join to the other activities like economic activities…..who knows?
But liberal men will continue their way to democracy in the remaining openings. Now you can see some of them are getting organized in the newspapers and magazine. Shargh newspaper, Vaghaye and coming soon paper Jomhooriat, are the examples. During these years they have prepared license of institutes and associations to follow their aims in them. I think they will focus on some critical issues like human rights and the other related topics. But at this time I think they are concentrated on the next election of presidency. They are trying to test their last chance. They know that the guardian council can delete the candidates of reformists. But they are trying to introduce some different candidate and individuals who are hard to be omitted. Perhaps the main challenges happen during the campaign for presidency election. Reformists know the last and the least stage for them can be after that but not today. They try not to appeal to risky activities.
They have held many meetings to talk about the strategy for future. During the last years they talked about “Reform” which had not a clear meaning and you can see nowadays even conservatives use it. But they are working on a strategy which has a clear meaning and everybody can understand what it means and how it is achievable. The movement of people who are intended in democracy is one way. It is similar to the way that republican opposition talks about it: “Following pure republic”. And everybody knows what it means.
In all it is a little soon to talk about the strategies of reformist. We have to wait and pass a few foggy months. Perhaps more that it of less than it…


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