Omid Memarian

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The taboo of Hejab silently become feeble

A few month ago when sheirin Ebadi won the peace Nobel Prize, she attended in a press conference without common cloth cover that we call it Hejab in Iran. It made a big discussion in Iran. When she was coming back to Iran from France, many people talked about the reaction of government. Because they believed that the cold reaction of governmental officials was because of the behavior of Shirin Ebadi against hejab. Some people thought even the state arrest Shirin, however it was unbelievable.

Because all lights were brightened on her face. She said that Hejab is a rule in the Iran but not out of Iran. “I do the hejab as a rule here but when I come to abroad never do it”, said shirin ebadi. Some Iranian believed that it was better for Shirin Ebadi to use Hejab but some were against this idea. After that the number of women who didn’t use Scarf increased. Last December I went to Geneva with a delegation of non governmental organizations. Beside our delegation a huge delegation of government attended too. 5 women in our delegation put off their scarf when we left Iran. I can say that when the pilot announced that the plane is out of the land of Iran, they did it. During our trip I saw three women without hejab and anly common clothes in Europe there. Three feminist who were there with another cause appeared in public without Hejab( Without Islamic cover on their bodies and heads).
President Khatami came to the conference a two vice president were in the governmental delegation.
Anyway, it seems after the story of SHirin Ebadi the taboo of hejab increasingly becomes feeble.
Now, Shadi Sadr an Iranian journalist has attended in a ceremony to get her prize in NY without hejab again. Her photo published in some magazine and websites. And I am thinking how a symbol of Islamic regime breaking silently. The conservatives will confront with women issues in the early future. They have to change many things. If they do, the concept of Islamic regime will transform. And if they do not, they have to pay the expenses. Are they ready to pay the expenses? Or are they become ready for a big transformation? And the big question is that in the new sphere where their place is?


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