Omid Memarian

Friday, May 14, 2004

The Belgian delegation that had come to Iran at the beginning of the last week, leave Tehran tomorrow. Today I took them to Shargh newspaper and we discussed about many things about the situation of press and journalists in Iran. After that they came to Bazaar and I went my office to arrange our meeting at 5. They came and we had a long negotiating with them about the exchange program and the other related things. As I have found, there are many things that are not understandable for the foreigners when they confront with. …
Simone Susskind that probably you have read a part of my interview with her in the past posts is a kind women and professional in her work. And the delegation is also coherent. During the last week I was busy to organize many things for them. And it took a long time. Now I feel tired but I am happy that this trip was interesting and useful for them. Thanks to god!


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