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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Can you sleep well, president Khatami?

(This comment has published in Shargh newspaper today.)
“When I was going here, I asked some of the students about their questions from Mr. Khatami. Do you know what did they say, Mr. President? They said that it is better to be silent for all your 3 minutes and then come back and sit. Do you know what it means? It means we have no question of you”… “Why didn’t you leave the power after all pressure and violations? Why?”…. “How unfaithful are you?”…
These are only a few words that youth people used during their meeting with president Khatami a few days ago that is called “100 golden minutes with President.” President that his tendency to speech is decreasing nowadays was thoughtful. This time it was time for youth to talk. Khatami was moving all the time. Khatami was perspired. He was listening carefully during all this 3 hours. He was chocked with tears for several. But his ears were completely open.
National youth organization which had organizaed this meeting had gathered more than 100 youth and 20 of them could ask a question in 3 minutes.
Journalists, writers, poets, actors and actress were there… But the youth which were involved in the social and political changes in the recent years, indescribably impresses the people in the saloon. The youth which president was confronted them for several times during the last years and in some events.
First of all it was time for a student girl to ask her question: “I was going to this meeting and asked my friend to suggest me some question. But no one of them had any question. They told me it is better to be silent for 3 minutes and they come back.” She said. The saloon was full of silent. The walls were watching a girl who was speaking bravely and daringly. “Why were you silent when the conservatives arrest the students 4 years ago? Why were you silent when they attached to the dormitory of the students and injured man of us? Why president? Tell us why?”
The other youth was journalist: “We all liked to hear your voice in many times but you talked in some times which hurt our heart.” She said. And tried to notify a sentence of president during a street demonstration after Iran national footballs teem. “You said that these youth are ruffians and rogues. But they were not. Because, I was one of them. We wish that you were being silent then. But you were not”. She added as she looked a little anxious. “Look at my eyes president! You have to answer the questions….”
And the said many things that brought the tears to the eyes ….it was a day which showed the society that the youth generation is coming with the new behavior and requests.
Their confronting with the resident shows that the youth are going far from the sacred discourse of Islamic regime and expect the equal relation with the officials. It shows the heavenly approaches of the clerics during the years after revolution has made people sensitive about the function and the benefits of clerics in the power. Now they ask what you can bring for us. So youth speak clearly and with explicitness. You can feel a deep objection in their face. Very deep. During the recent years whenever they have found a background to show their felling they have shown their tendency to destroy and criticize everything that has created after revolution.
During this meeting president khatami mentioned that the youth can not talk about the thing that they mentioned, out of the presidency palace. “If you talk about some of these things that you are telling me now, will not be safe, I know.” Said president Khatami. This notice shows us that in Iran we have two spheres. One is the natural sphere which shows the natural request of citizens and now is very critical with the state and the second is under the control of officials and the other organizations.
Now the underground life wants to be appearing and change the second life. So Iran is talented to social changes rapidly… (A part of my article in Shargh newspaper today)


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