Omid Memarian

Thursday, May 06, 2004

A film Which has made clerics mad

During the last two weeks ago, screening a film in Tehran had created a big conflict between the Mullahs and the other actors in the Iranian Society. You can not believe its theme in the Islamic regime. Some of the conservatives are trying to ban the presentation of this film. In Mashhad they could stop the show of this film. But the battle is continuing. “Marmoolak” (Lizard) has caused many discuses and the cinema experts say it will break the record of audience in the history of cinema in Iran. “It has sold more than 150 thousands dollars in its first week staging”. One of the “Marmoolak”film makers says to the reporters.
But why some of the clerics are angry and mad about this film?
Let me tell you a short summary of film….
Marmoolak is about a thief in prison who escapes from the jail by dressing clothes of a cleric. The story begins when he goes out of the prison….In the rail road some boys joke with him….in the compartment of the train a mother and her young girl come in and ogling of the cleric-thief- make many funny sentences and moment for the viewers. He tries to be closet to the girl when her mother is sleeping and then you can not control laughing in the cinema. The man goes to a village as a Mullah and the ways which he prays make people laughing. …at the end on the film the thief- cleric- become closer to god and try not to continue his worst behavior again…
I can transfer all happened in this film but I think you can imagine what happen in it.
Let me tell my analysis frankly. If this film was made at the beginning of the revolution, the Islamic regime would kill or arrest all people who were involved in it. Perhaps many of people were against him or even participated in some demonstrations against it. But now, people who go to the movie laugh amphitricha and when the young boys mock with him all people in the movie laugh loudly.
I think they believe the personality of the thief in the cloth of an Islamic cleric. Most of us have seen many of them with these kinds of behaviors beside us. Why they laugh and hurry to prepare the tickets? Because this part of the reality of our society. What is happening? The Iranian society is in the transition period. The sacred situation of clerics that was made at the beginning of the revolution has changed. The behaviors of the leaders and the cleric officials automatically have created a secular people who have not a sacred view to the clerics more. ….Let me finish here and continue this comment later…..


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