Omid Memarian

Friday, April 30, 2004

Can you sleep relaxed in nights, president Khatami?
Tuesday I attend in Youth day meeting with President Khatami. There were about 150 youth there. 15 of us had 3-5 minutes to ask him a question or talk about things that we think is important to say. Representative of Students, Sports, Actors and actress, Basijies, Hezbollahi, labor and the other youth attended in this meeting. It started at nine o’clock. And I spoke as a representative of young journalist. It was unbelievable the things that youth mentioned it this meeting.

A young girl student taunted Khatami about his turnover during these years. “When I was coming here I asked my friends to design some question for my 3 minutes. But they told me that it is better to be silent in this 3 minutes opportunity to show our objection.” She said. “When will you break your silence?” She added. “Can you sleep comfortable in nights?” said another girl, representative of young poet and writers.
One of the young cartoonists gave president a cartoon of him. President laughed at the cartoon and shakes with Hadi Heidary, my dear friend.
When a came to talk, I was very sad Because of the atmosphere. I started my sentences with the situation of journalism and journalists in Iran and finish the it with a suggestion.
“During the last years, many of Iranian journalists began their work. But by some causes, at the present time many of them have leaf out their job and their ideals. Many of them have left the country. Because they could not continue their job. One of my friends asked you about your sleep at night. But let me tell you that many of us can not have a comfortable dream at nights. Because we fear about the destiny of ourselves, loose our life family and even our prestige. But the remained journalists have many professional problems like Insurance.”
I asked president to establish a committee to follow the insurance file of journalists that has begun by Association of Iranian Journalists in the remain time of his presidency period. President khatami wrote some thing when I was talking…..


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