Omid Memarian

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Start yourself accountability!
The association of "Defending the freedom of press" has written a letter to leader and asked him to be responsible and accountable about all that have happened against press and journalists during the recent years. "We know that you are directly responsible about all that happened against press and journalists." the letter said. “You said at the beginning of this year that this year is "accountability year”. So it is better to start yourself and say what you have done for the freedom of express during these years?" the letter mentioned seriously and critically.
I thought this is the April’s lie. But the April is going to the end and it won’t be a joke. The association has gotten to an analysis which tells them that at this time they have to be radical. No one of the newspaper can publish this letter. If they publish even a part of it, they would ban immediately. Like the Yasseno newspaper which was closed after they publish a part of MPs letter to the leader 2 days before election.


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