Omid Memarian

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Pourzand in the way to death!

It is a little to 3 am and my eyes has been wet for along time, I don’t know how long was that,3 hours or more.....Siamak Pourzand an Iranian journalist, 73 years old, has left the prison and now is in the hospital. He can not control his urine. This 73 years old journalist sent to the jail 1 year ago. They said ha has done some efforts against the national he can not remember any thing. He is in CCU. It seems death of Zahra Kazemi has not been a cautionary and warning for the officials….It is hard to believe that a man with no control on his urine and to remember any thing can hurt the regime…..Woh….what a pressure…. No can write about the situation of Pourzand freely….I will try to write comment about him and ask President Khatami to use his power to help him…. But in my there is a sound that tells me if Khatami could do anything, he would do it for his friends who are in the prison now….Perhaps the international organization…but no!
His daughter from Torento has said that she had a short talk with her aunt. “She has chain in his hand in the hospital.” She said. “Pourzand has been forbidden to meet anyone.” unbelievable! His wife is in US . She was in US before they caught him to prison. Ms. Mehrangiz e kar is a women activist. She is professor in university and ahs written many books about violence against women…. She is very alone in US with her 18 years old daughter. Who can help him? To get rid of prison? He is really too old to endure the difficulty of prison…


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