Omid Memarian

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The dragons and the assocaitions
Some of the reformists have establishes an NGO to support the rights of political prisoner. I think this is the new way for reformist to look forward their goals. At the same time the entry of politician will have some dangers for the civil society sphere. Because during the recent years, conservatives were not sensitive to this section but now it will change. Of course there will be not any danger for the NGOs who are working on humanitarian aids or supporting the patients of even development NGOs. But NGOs which are near to human right and freedom of express will have more problems. The dragon pays attention under his feet. Civil society organizations are the next purpose for dragons. But this time they are vary careful. What will they do? They will build a counterfeit civil society. How? Whenever the democrats (I prefer to use democrats instead of reformists) establish a civil association they establish another one with a similar name. So our civil society has two faces. In many conferences they attend as the representative of real civil society. But they are not. I want to write a comment on this subject…. But its too late….it is 4 am…..Woh!!!!!!!!!


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