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Monday, April 19, 2004

Shirin Ebadi has started a new way

During the last days, Shirin Ebadi the Nobel peace prize has shown a new face of herself in international scenes. After winning the prize many people talked about the worthiness of her to achieve this prize. Some of them believed that there are many other remarkable persons that are more effective in peace or human rights. Some of them talked that she has not the capacity for carrying the things that will happen after it. And also many of people admired her. At that time I wrote a comment in Yasseno paper and emphasized that the prize belong to civil society and Ebadi really is worthy for the prize. She had a continually activities in many human right and of course in civil society related activities. At that time she said that there is no conflict between Islam and democracy and human rights but at the same time she didn’t use hejab for herself and sail that hejab is only a internal rule for people in Iran but not something obligatory in Islam. It was the first point to confronting with Islamic rules. Islamic regime has set hejab as a obligatory rile foe women after revolution. Conservatives and also some of the reformists –even- was astonished. But she was the winner of Nobel Prize…it has many expenses for them to object to her. I remember A few months before this event that Zahra eshraghi, grandchild of Ayatollah Khomeini talked with Elaine Schiolino, the reporter of NTtimes about hejab in Tehran. She said that we don’t like hejab or something like this….so the conservatives were trying to hold demonstrations against her so she was compelled to deny her interview. So you can see not to use hejab by Ebadi how was important. It has symbolic meaning.
It passed and now she little by little talks about things that show she knows the responsibility of the prize. Many of social activist believe that Shirin Ebadi has to play an important role in the changes after election and it seems she has heard this message. During her trip to Europe she has said some critical sentences about the situation of human rights in Iran. She has charged European countries that they are transacting with conservatives because they didn’t put the name of Iran in the list of countries which have not observed the human right issues. She said ignoring situation of human rights in iron is an insulting for democratic movement Iran. She appeared as an opposition. Who can believe it?
Now just after a few months of winning the prize Ebadi show a picture of a woman who has started a new way to continue her challenging. Is it a spark? Or it is a part of process? We have to wait to answer it


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