Omid Memarian

Thursday, April 15, 2004

During the last days I was so busy. I was working on my book. Professor Yoones(Jonah) Shokrkhah who I was his student in journalism 4 days ago accepted to write a preface for my book. I really appreciate him here. I think he liked it. Beside I am working on a magazine about microcredit funds for National Youth Organization. At the same time I have joined to a translation group to collect materials for a book about Good Governance. Fortunately a volunteer joined us a few days ago who is capable in management and many skills which use in social activities.
Neverthereless I have to pay attention to ma parents who are getting old and need more kindness. My brother always helps them and also tries to make better time for them but I am always busy. I hate this damned life which has made us tired ….


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