Omid Memarian

Monday, April 12, 2004

Will Iraq Open Kerry’s way to presidency?

The restoration in Iraq was the most important issue during the last few days. Now it seems the face of US is getting more and more notorious in Iraq. Perhaps the US charge Iran officials to interfere in these conflicts, but as anybody know the face of US is not as a partisans for freedom. They are occupier an Islamic territory and killing the occupiers is obligatory for any Moslem and every one of the religious Moslem can implement the JAHAD order or the other Islamic orders. After a few months Iraqi people can see the Americans can not bring them peace and security and also they afraid about their destiny. They are pessimist about any action of US. But nobody can hide tendency of Iran about failure of US in Iraq. As it has many effects on the Iranian society it costs for them even to invest there. This is a common feeling in Middle East countries especially in Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Palestine. In the other hand Americans have many problems to balance the power between the Iraqis. Many of Iranian believes that if US could solve the Iraq problem, they would start the case of Iran. So they think this is gift from the sky for conservatives that can drive in a one way road without any control and consideration….Because at this opportunity they can rearrange their forces. During these days they talk about the failure of American in Iraq and say it is the result of exporting democracy with gun. But Iranian society as follow the traditional approach after the war between Iraq and Iran, don’t pay attention to these events.
Now, I think this is a best chance for Kerry to use these entire events as a weak point of President Bush. President Bush can hardly go out of this predicament. So now the question is about the effect of Iraq event on US president process. Iraq events and the blood of American troops will open the way on next president. Can you imagine it?


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