Omid Memarian

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Civil Society Gossip
During the last days the leader has formed a group to work on NGOs and their role in the society. Leader and some parallel security institutions are trying to know and compare the effects of this association on the people.
During the lasts month the process of registration for NGOs has become troublesome and bothersome. The ministry of interior is responsible for this part. However they are a part of reformist government, they have no picture about people, NGOs and the other related issues. Sometimes they act as conservatives and we have to confront with these guys. There is a joke when we fall in this kind of troubles. Loose maradona ake MOI.
(The joke: Once Maradona Goes to Tabriz for a friendly match. The coach of Tabriz had a problem with their defender so use a inexperienced man. But he do instead of Maradona to goal for once and twice and more….Suddenly the coach says: “ loose Maradona, take Ghazanfar-name of player)
So we have to say it is better to loose conservatives and take MOI. They goal to themselves and people.


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