Omid Memarian

Monday, May 17, 2004

Alcohol Drink in the Islamic country

During the last days papers reported about the amount of alcohol usage in Tehran. “ thousands of litres alcohol are bought from pharmacies in Tehran and the other cities. White alcohol is the best seller product.” Say these reports. But nobody knows that the usage of alcohol that is presented in the pharmacies during the last years and specially last year, has not medical application. Drinking alcohol is common in Iran society like many other countries. But it has forbidden after revolution. The head of police hast year announced that more than 1 million liters of alcohol drink discovered by the police agents form the border provinces. It shows the market of alcohol is lucrative. Many people believe this market is under the control of some hidden institution that can bring huge amount of alcohol in Iran and also distribute it completely. Normal people can not do it. In Tehran you can by every kind of famous brand of alcohol drink. Beer, Champagne, Vodka and so on in every brand is available in Tehran easily. Like the other things that was forbidden at the beginning of revolution the dynamic of society push back the wrong polices of the clerics who wanted to bring the heaven for people, but know are importing the ….
In this way, it seems that some alcohol drink factory has established near the boarders. Who knows about the founders of this profitable market in Islamic country?


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