Omid Memarian

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Poelpe who are not seen in Islamic Japan
Long distance from my homeland, near the Persian golf, there are many people who live under the hot sun. Bandarabbas one of the deprived provinces of Iran with a long largeness of sea and resources, have to live poorly…people who live in the weather which is most of the moths of the year over 45 centigrade .
I went there to hold a seminar for the NGOs who are trying to play a role in their social life. The story began when we held 3 workshops in Tehran last month. We invited many of NGOs for registration in it by our website. Two young people from Bandarabbas registered for the workshop. It was full. But we managed in a manner that they could attend in it. It was amazing and unbelievable that how two young boy and girl travel from this long distance, with no help for their tickets and staying costs. It meant that they were really serious. They were full of will. But as a journalist I could read between the lines, between their eyes and their reactions. Big grief in their eyes, but poise in their face and a request. After the workshop I gave them some books and training booklet. But there was a request as well. The girl started but the boy asked him to stop. “There is something to say to me and I felt it in the last hours. What is it?” I said. But it was not comfortable for them to talk. “It is not possible for my fellow citizen and member of our group in Bandarabbas to attend in this kind of workshops because of the high costs. I wish we could hold a similar workshop in my city. So many of us could attend and use.” She said. “But it is impossible for us to pay any money.” He added… I said that it has no problem and we can talk about it more because we have some services with no money and only because we are following to establish a network all over the country… they told me that they will follow it later. …But we had not this service. I asked our director and he said that it is up to me. So I told them I am ready to hold a one day workshop there. When I reached there were 30 individuals there. The workshop was about communication skills in NGOs….I really saw how the lack of effective communication don’t let them to use the existent recourses and mobilize people well…..anyway… During the class I asked them to talk about their success in their area….and they said some stories. They told me how they could mobilize the resources of benevolent people in Bandar to build more than 30 schools (with one or more room) in the remote areas especially in villages…how ever government had helped them in some cases…but the tendency to participate was interesting. One of the participants said something that I will add it to my book about communication skills with handicapped. I will mention her name probably in my book. …. …I used to go to provinces a few years ago for some consultant processes to establish networks of NGOs. But this one day trip was different for me. I remembered a sentence of Bahonar who is the deputy chairman of the parliament when he mentions that they are trying to change Iran as an Islamic model of Japan. What a big joke! Not only in this province that the rate of unemployment is over 30 percent but also in more than ten provinces the situation of people in not in a good manner and most of them live under the poverty line. Sociologists believe one of the biggest problems in the way of conservatives or any other political forces in Iran in the early future, is to confronting with “poor movement”. The poor movement is growing up more and more. ….like the same I wrote about the Kurdistan before in another comment before …..It will challenge the Islamic regime in their way to build Islamic-Japan… Perhaps I write about the “Poor movement” more lately….


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