Omid Memarian

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Busy Month!

During the last days I finished my book on "Communication Skills for NGOs". It is ready to print for the coming month. It took one year long. Now I have to work on another book about communication tools for the civil society organizations. I have started it before. But I need some recourse to finish it. I bought about "Communication in Small Groups" at Sweden last year and I think it will help me a lot. Next month will be a busy month for me. We are going to organize a South-South Women NGOs Forum on Beijing +10 in Tehran. It will be a workshop with 10 women activists from the Middle East and North Africa countries. We are going to publish some booklet and even a magazine for the Forum. I am working on some incomplete articles that I have to finish it for some magazines. I really don’t like them but for the payment that I have received before. Perhaps all of us in some cases have to choose situations that are not close to us, but we do it, because it is life. However, during the last days I tried to manage all these minor works in a time table. Now, I feel better….


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