Omid Memarian

Friday, February 18, 2005

Go back to normal life! Can I?

During the last two months ago, I have been trying to go back to the normal life. But it is so hard to start again. The apprehensively feeling that comes with me everywhere doesn’t let me move around freely. I can not turn off the lights and sleep at night. Silence makes me worried. Every firmly set voice, make me anxiety. After releasing from the jail I am trying to be optimist about life. But I remember my life in a grave….every night I start up out of my dream by a woeful memory….I try to be optimist about the future. But I feel really unsafe. I have started to write again. Because, it is my life. My life is writing. It’s not something like hobby. Many well known journalists have left the country during the last years because of all accrued pressures that have been over their endurance.

I think no one can forget and leave the psychological effects of the jail. I am surprised that how people must suffer because of their thinking method? At the beginning of third millennium how we can wall around the thoughts?
There are many questions…many and many….I am trying to find answers…I am Not the first and I am not the last….But we can try to increase the expenses by a public consciousness process for the society to avoid this horrible performances


At 6:15 PM , Anonymous Letícia Rodrix said...

Hi Omid,
I like to read you... you have a fantastic way to say what you think. And I can percept that what you write is real... a true feeling. I like to write, but I do about my own feelings... about my loves... I1ve to be more political... I don't know... I really don't know about my country's future (Brasil)!!!
Visit my fotolog... it's written in portuguese but let you comment there...
L. Rodrix

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