Omid Memarian

Monday, May 23, 2005

Qualifying and disqualifying; To BE or Not to Be!

The Guardian Council disqualified the reformist candidates at their first day of 4 for day’s time to study the qualification of the candidates. It was for the first time that the Governmental TV announced the the names of qualified and disqualified candidates. They had 4 days for their announcement but they are going to send a message for the society.

They knew that their decision to disqualify the reformist candidates make strong noises in the society and like the other similar cases the possibility of interfere of the high rank clerics is so high. So they want to speak publicly how they think. A day after that the supreme leader issued a letter to guardian council to revise about their decision, now they are going to approve the reformist candidates and specially Dr. Moeen. What does it mean? Is it a good message?

Many of Iranian social and political activists believe that’s a critical point for the reformists to show their honesty to the people. A few weeks ago Mohammad Reza Khatami the brother of president Khatami and the Secretariat General of Mosharekat Party, publicly said that they don’t believe in Governmental order to solve any problem. He mentioned that they are opposed to this method of governing.

So here they are! No that’s a point to choose, one way is to stand on their beliefs that have talked about it in public as redline, and the second is to accept the governmental order abut qualifying their candidate and attend in the election and compete. Now, people are looking. Many people have not decided to vote .the number of people who are not interested for voting is increasing. An influential Survey institute has said that the minimum of the participants in the coming election estimate to 35%. And the maximum will be 55%. But the distribution of votes in the large cities and the small one is so different.

This survey mentions that the people who don’t like to vote are the people who are educated and we can consider them as the social middle class. And in another part, they have said that the middle class is not hopeful abut the next president and what he can do. They are hopeless about any serious changes that increase the quality of life and improve the ignored rights. I have written a report of this survey and an exclusive interview with the head of the researcher group. I think there many interesting points in it.


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