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Friday, May 13, 2005

Iran Works to Get Out the Vote, but the Disillusioned Aren't Biting
By Nahid Siamdoust, Special to The Times
Fearing low turnout, the regime has begun an ambitious campaign to get citizens to the polls. Meeting with university students in the southern province of Kerman, Khamenei this week stressed a theme that has become a constant in his speeches: "Participation in the elections is not only a right, but a religious duty."

Blair Warns Iran on Nuclear Obligations (AP)

200 volunteer in Iran for bomb training(AP)
Farifax Digital
More than 200 young men and women have volunteered at a meeting in Iran to carry out suicide bomb attacks against Americans in Iraq and Israelis.
The meeting was organised at Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery, south of Tehran, by the Headquarters for Commemorating Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement, a shadowy group that has sought volunteers for attacks in Iraq and Israel since last year.


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