Omid Memarian

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

61 percent of poeple have not decided to vote yet!

A survey has been announced by an independent researcher group about the upcoming election. 31 percent of people has mentioend that they have decided to vote to a specific candidate. But more than 61 percent don't know what to do or vote to whom.
I have prepared a report of the press conference of the researchers group for the shargh newspaper tomorrow.
"Who will capture the presidency office?" They have asked the poeple. About sixty percent of people have said that as they predict, Hashemi is the winner. By now, Ghalibaf is the second and pro-reformist candidate Dr. Moin is the third. The survey shows the growth of the each candidated in the statistics too. Between all the candidates Moin's votes growth has been more than the others. The growth of his votes at the surveys shows a 98% growths. hashemi has a -4%growths....


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