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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Suggestion: A Weblog for Akbar Ganji

In our meeting With Akbar Ganji we suggested him to establish a blog. Because, there are many people who want to know more about his ideas that is mostly forbidden to print. I also showed him many offline pages of the Iranian bloggers who were involve at in a campaign for releasing him. Ganji was surprised. "I could not believe how they are effective." He said. He asked me the print of some pages. But I had no facility to print. He also read my comment and Khorsidkhanoom and farangopolis and some other comments of the bloggers. "I have heard that Ebrahim Nabavi has written something about me. Can I read it?" I had not it. But somebody accept to prepare. I asked him to give a message to the bloggers and he said he will write something for the bloggers in the coming days. "Please follow it.”He said to me. I told him that there are many bloggers who can help him to tart blogging and he said he is so interested to start. And made a joke with us." Then I have to keep myself from you," We all laughed.


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