Omid Memarian

Monday, June 13, 2005

Women protest: An organized civil movement

Women activists protested in front of the Tehran University last day. About 2000 women and men who were separated by a ring o police from the other people who were joining them, asked for changes in the constitutional law. A woman rights is Human rights was one of the motto they mentioned. I think Iranian women movement is going to a direct way to achieve their request. They have organized in their own organizations with specific missions and also the skills for changing the society. That’s why the conservatives concern about them. They who that these kind of campaigns can strongly criticize the laws and by laws which are totally paternalistic.
This is a show of civil society changes during the last years. Perhaps you can understand why the fundamentalists are against a independent civil society and social movement. I have written an article about the concern of civil society in the coming future that has published at Shargh newspaper last Wednesday.


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