Omid Memarian

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Iranian Election; the Miracle of Face to Face Media

Two days before the vital and tight presidency race, the fans of Dr.Moin the pro reformist candidate captured many squares in Tehran. They distributed pictures and biography of him and tried to persuade the people to vote. Most of these fans participate in his popular campaign by their moving passion about the democracy and freedom. Only Dr.Moin has mentioned human rights and freedom of speech at his manifest.
A day before yesterday more than ten thousands of the Iranian youth and students with their parents formed the biggest gathering of the reformist's fans. No one of the other candidates has done a similar program like that. People try to keep themselves away from the politic and election as well in the Iranian depoliticized society. But their presence surprised many of political experts. "This is the most popular campaign that I have seen yet." The reporter of La Manifesto told me yesterday.

Now, the time for propaganda is finishing. Less than 10Hours before the election, people are getting more sensitive about what's happening. The candidates have distributed the CD's of their clips which has been shown by state TV. This mechanism is really new in Iran. It is so effective for many families. Especially D.r Moin's clip which was censored partly by the state TV because of some radical sentences that was so moving for him.

I think the Moin's clip and Hashemi Rafsanjani clip have been more valuable that the other candidates. My mother, who is not involve in political issues and change her mind for several, was so sad when she was looking at Saeed Hajarian who was interviewing with Dr Moin at this clip. Dr. Hajarian injured seriously by a conservative terrorist in front of his office 4 years ago. He was dieing, but actually god saved him. He asked some questions. But nobody understood what he is saying and so my mother had to use the subtitle. It was absolutely meaningful. There were some precious messages at this interview.However, the survey shows that the Rafsanjani is at the top, and the second is Ghalibaf the former police chief and the third is Moin. The statistics says the growth of reformist's votes is too much. But the time is limited. But if the people, who have decided to boycott the election, come for vote Mr.Moin stand on the second position and by high percentage possibility, the poll will go to the second round.

The youth are going to send cell phone messages to their friends and relatives and also to call them and persuade them to vote face to face. Reformists think that the small and tiny media can be moving in the coming hours. "The youth and the reformists fans open their tell book and call every body. Each vote will be ten votes or more then..." Says Dr. Jalayee pour the influential reformist. Actually, by face to face communications and use the circle of trust at the families a miracle can be happen.

Iranians behavior in front of the ballot box is so strange and uncountable. Most of the time, the surveys put us at the wrong way. So judgment about the result is extremely hard.

But I am sure, if people come for vote, the victory will be so close to reformists and after them Mr. Rafsanjani who is trying to draw a reformist picture of himself as well.

We have to wait. A hard and deadly waiting that we have ever had.


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