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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Please Vote, There is no way!
Small Media will move the people; SMS, face to face talks, calling the relatives.

Twelve thousands of people attended at the Dr.Moin campaign yesterday. “It is the most popular campaign that I have ever seen in Iran during the last days.” a reporter from Italy said. Many of reformists were there too. I saw Scott Peterson the Christian Science Monitor’s staff journalist who was talking with youth. I talked with some of the other journalists. They were surprised by the passion of people, youth and old.

Here it’s a risk for most of the candidates to invite people at a sports ground. They can not mobilize more than a few hundreds. I was wondering by the presence of the huge number of people.

Moin and his fans today came to more than 20 squares of Tehran and tried to persuade people to vote for Dr.Moin face to face. Many of journalist, academics and intellectuals support Moin. Two days ago the state TV showed the Moin’s clip. It was so effective. In this film he asked some question of people. “Even the supreme leader must act by considering the constitutional law.” Reza Khatami one of the Moin strongest supporters said. . It’s so radical in the Iranian context to criticize leader directly or indirectly.

The day before yesterday Christian Amanpour interview with Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani. Most of the foreign journalists believe that he will win the poll. I think the gap between Dr.Moin and Hashemi is extremely lower than the gap between these two candidates and the conservatives candidates such as Ghalibal. Christian Amanpour in some of interview reflects her interests but not the reality. She is so famous but I wonder how she ignore a part of reality and show a picture that she like it. Perhaps, It is because of her nostalgia about Iran.

Anyway, I think people must come to vote. There is no way. This is our piece from democracy. Consider that the result of election has a direct effect on our life. For us, it will appear very soon. But for the others will appear too.

So please go for voting. I am going to ask the Iranian out of Iran to call their family in the country and persuade them to vote. The face to face and phone to phone media can be strong during the last hours to starting the tight race of election. Small Media such ad SMS, face to face dialogue, and also calling the relatives and friends to vote are the ways that can move people for vote. We are so close to keep the society and our life away from the fundamentalist which are representative of only 15 % of the citizens. W.e have to choose as soon as possible; to be a responsible citizen about our destiny or a irresponsible one who is apathy.


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