Omid Memarian

Monday, October 16, 2006

Deployment Orders!

The US is preparing itself for an attack, and Iran is going to be the target. Is it true? Why nobody in the administration, who is anti-war or anti-military attack object against this move? Look at this piece by Dave Lindorff . It will be a huge mess. Many Iranians think that these kind of news or leaking such information is just exaggeration target the Iranian offcials to force them to suspend the enrichment of uranium. But is it possible that the US id paying this huge expense just to prepare an exageration tool for the Iranian goverment?

" ...hope I am wrong about all this, but the sailing of
the Eisenhower, which had been pushed forward recently by about a month by the Pentagon for clearly political reasons, makes me think I'm right. A key will be what happens with the Enterprise carrier strike force, which has already been on station in the Arabian Sea for six months, where it has been launching air strikes against Afghanistan and Iraq targets. Ordinarily, such deployments last six months and then the carrier group returns to base for resupply and for R&R for the crew. If the Enterprise is held over for a longer deployment, after the arrival of the Eisenhower, we will know that something serious is planned...."


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