Omid Memarian

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hey, It is time to do it!

I feel really free this morning. During the last year, since I moved to the United States, I told myself Omid, it is good to look at all the bad things that happen for you, as an experience but not tragedy. It has been a good approach to deal with my daily life here. However because of all nice and amazing people around me I have been always welcomed by the society but still there are some things that have bothered me, more or less. Today, I had a conversation with a close friend which I really didn’t get it very much. But I felt as it was a very honest conversation, it should be a very normal way communication, which I need to know and understand. It was not really easy to go through the details, but I am figuring out how to deal with. And that’s something I would love to do; facing with obstacles and difficulties at the time your behind (back) gets empty by every body. (it is Farsi saying, to empty somebody’s back. It means get no support at the time you need or expect support, in different ways.) Sometimes people get more things from bad news than what they can get from good news, when they use it in a right way, and I decided to do, not only today but also in many different times….


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