Omid Memarian

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Losing Control over the Nuclear Dossier!

Here is my piece on the latest news on the Iran's nuclear dossier. After what has happened in Lebanon and what is happening in the UNSC, it seems that Iran's control over its nuclear program is about to end. Now they should see and watch. Can they threaten the International community to go toward a sort of retaliation? What else? How the Iranian officials interpretate the latest war between Hezbollah and Israel? Here is my conclusion paragraph at the end of this piece on
Roozonline daily:

“In any case, the game played by Iranian officials is coming to its end. During the recent months, the issue has been slipping away from the hands of Iranian officials and its negotiators have taken larger leaps backwards. While last year Iran probably could get some concessions in its talks with the West, or by accepting the incentives package when it was first submitted, today things are very different and the Security Council resolution has turned the issue into a clear call for a suspension of all nuclear activities. Should that not be acknowledged, then other measures will be taken, whose outcome again will not be in the hands of officials of the Islamic republic of Iran. “


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