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Thursday, July 13, 2006

President Bush meets Akbar Ganji!

Will Akbar ganji meet President Bush?” asks Masoud Behnoud, an Iranian Prominent journalist in his article which published in
Roozonline yesterday. He’s asked people to tell their opinions on the benefits and disadvantages of such an unexpected meeting?

Ganji is going to come to United State to participate in a
3days hunger strike in support for political prisoners within the country next week. He possibly meets President Bush. Last year President Bush visited a North Korean dissident who wrote a book on the current situation in this country.
Some Iranians believe such a meeting; will be an effort to make a clear picture about the Iranian society. In their opinion, Ganji can talk about peace and the democratic movement inside the country and mention how a kind of attack or air strike can postpone the whole process of democratic changes and act backward.

However, Ganji has said that his request is to change the Islamic Republish of Iran by a smooth process of civil objection to the regime in different ways. I think President Bush and Ganji are coming from two different worlds. But at this point of the history they have something in common. Both are trying to collapse the Islamic Regime. Is a good thing to be in common?

Some of my friends told me that such a meeting is horrible. Because ganji is a symbol of freedom and resistance against the brutal regime and the first thing which comes to everybody’s mind by saying Bush is Abu-Ghoraib and Goantanamo and things like these. Some people say that the Neo conservatives in US will benefit of this meeting and some say that it is an amazing opportunity to talk to Bush and tell him not to think about any kind of attack. Consider, Ganji was the only journalist in Iran who president Bush issued an statement forcing the Islamic government to release him.

Still, question is not answered. Will President Bush meet Akbar Ganji? I think, some efforts are carrying out in this way.


At 5:55 AM , Anonymous ali said...

do you want to sale Iran to who?
who is Behnood with this funny suggest? I´m so sorry!

At 7:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read » »


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