Omid Memarian

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Why don’t they get lessons from what they did with the earlier prisoners in the past?

The minister of intelligence finally announced the reason behind arrest of the Iranian scholar Ramin Jahanbegloo:

"The United States is pursuing efforts to start soft revolution in Iran and in many other countries and Mr. Jahanbegloo's arrest can be defined as part of that," ISNA quoted Mr. Mohseni-Ejei as saying."Mr. Jahanbegloo had an assignment and the intelligence apparatus became suspicious at the scale of his activities and resources" at his disposal, he said"
This is what everybody could imagine. Most of the journalists and intellectuals, who arrested during the last years, are charged as a tool for changing the Islamic Republic by the US and its agencies and therefore doing something against the national security. I wrote a piece on this topic before. The Islamic regime is so suspicious about the role of civil society actors such as journalists, intellectuals and academics. Jahanbegloo was among the optimist scholars who care about the Iranian society by putting all their efforts on changing the social and political life by increasing people’s conciseness, education, dialogue and bringing up questions.

I can imagine Ramin in the jail. I can imagine how the prison guards and interrogators treat him. In such
a situation, people’s life becomes a tool just to destroy their personality and character. They don’t listen to people like Ramin at the jail. They just try to prove that their paranoia exists. They will be satisfied just when prisoners say “yes” to their requests. So, there is no dialogue in detention. Just a monologue, just intimidation and inspiring fear to approve that their paranoia about the “others”is right. That’s why Ramin’s situation is worse than the past. Two months after his arrest, it seems they are going to make him as a forewarning tool for the rest of civil society….

I remember the similar days. When I was in the prison, I was facing with the same story. I couldn’t imagine how their mistrust was deep…most of the journalists who have been arrested during the last months have comparable stories…. I saw some horrible things inside detention that I heard before about it. before the detention period I thought they are all just stories that are created by people’s imagination and are not real. but, it was real. Unbelievable! However, one day prisoners come out and will tell the whole story…and everybody will hear it…and the question is always on the table, “why don’t they get lessons from what they did with the earlier prisoners in the past? Isn’t it really a big question?


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