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Monday, May 08, 2006

Similarities between Forced Hijab and Nuclear

I have been so busy during the last months. I had a talk at the Institute of International Studies (IIS) at UC Berkeley on “Challenging of reporting in Iran”. Moreover I had to write some papers for 3 news agencies which took a long time and energy…Now I feel freer to write… However as writer for Roozonline I write my opinions on daily topics everyday…. Sorry it has not a blog style, but at least shows that I am still active….
At the time the Islamic government is strongly trying not to face with a sort of harsh action by UNSC, the police forces try to limit the social atmosphere by new regulation on Hejab, which is women’s covering. They are getting angry by the way women dress up at the streets these days, while summer is coming. I have mentioned at an article the similarities between the nuclear case and Hejab and the way that conservatives govern the society. Here you are:

"The battle outside Iran to find a compromise on the country’s nuclear dispute, and the debate inside country about women’s Islamic dress constitute the two major issues of the Islamic regime, one a foreign policy issue, the other a domestic one…Since the revolution of 1979 while most cultural, religious and educational agencies of the country strived to propagate a specific form of Islamic dress code for women and get it accepted by people, they have had very limited success in imposing this dream on the whole nation and with every year that passes, the costs of this goal have been rising. And there has been so much stress on this particular form that it appears as if the identity of the “Islamic Republic” is now identified with it. This is why some officials view any reconsideration in the actual form of hijab as if it were sell-out of a principal of the revolution, and not merely a rectification of the improper imposition of an idea…..(Continue)


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