Omid Memarian

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Many Iranians Embrace Asylum as a Way Out

Here is my story on “Asylum seekers” in Turkey. I like this story because I have lived with these people for a while. I have covered prostitution in Dubai, IEARN conference in Japan, information society in Geneva, civil society delegation in Germany and so on. But, this story has stayed strongly with me….people who have no hope…a story in Istanbul, land of love and poverty… below is the lead paragraph:

BERKELEY, California, Apr 27 (IPS) - Increasingly, Iranians hoping for a brighter future and disappointed with the conservative direction of their homeland are seeking asylum abroad. They're crossing the border into Turkey and some are even employing human smugglers in their rough journey to Europe and even the United States. (Countinue…)


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